Stranger Pays for Keith Urban's Snacks at WAWA!

And she didn't know it was him!!

August 8, 2018


This is SUCH a sweet, funny story! (Also - who knew Keith Urban liked WAWA?)

According to this tweet, he stopped there with his sister to buy some snacks, and was short a few bucks - so this SWEET ANGEL, unsuspecting stranger, said she would cover him!

Ruth Reed is her name and she so sweetly resolved to treat someone at WAWA once a week! So when she was there and Keith Urban was short a few bucks, she quickly jumped in as part of her resolution, NOT KNOWING that it was Keith!!

My favorite part is how she challenged him to PROVE it was him, and asked where Nicole Kidman was lololol!! I mean, good lookin' out, right?!

Anywho, when she realized it really was him, they had a good laugh and she got the most adorable photo with him (above)!

Lessons we learned today: stop at every WAWA and pay for people's stuff hoping it'll be Keith Urban! Check!