UPDATE: We May Have a Release Date for 'Stranger Things' Season 3!!


November 7, 2018

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SO - In case you missed it, yesterday was "Stranger Things Day"!

I was excited, but also confused by this? Like what DOES Stranger Things Day celebrate?? Demagorgans?? The Upside Down??!

And then I saw this tweet:

AHHH now it all makes sense! It was the day Will Byers went missing (in the Upside Down) in the show!! And yesterday was the 35th (!!) anniversary of that!

So then we got this cute 'Happy Stranger Things Day' video from the cast, with a little behind-the-scenes fun:

BUT WHAT WE REALLY WANTED - was more details on Season 3, like when it'll be on Netflix, amiright?!

We didn't get much from the official 'Stranger Things' account, but we MAY have gotten something from a fan account:

MARCH 7, 2019!!! THAT'S NOT THAT FAR AWAY! How true is it, though? Can't really say.

Especially because the one and only trailer we have for Season 3 right now, kinda made it seem like it won't be here til next summer.

I think we can all agree, March is better!