Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren Go 90s for Birthday Party!

Their outfits are ON POINT.

October 1, 2018
Thomas Rhett Lauren Akins



Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins continue to be #relationshipgoals ON. THE. DAILY.

They went to a friend's birthday party over the weekend - it was 90's themed (which is awesome in itself), and their outfits were SPECTACULAR.

I mean, they essentially stepped out of a 90s issue of 'TigerBeat'

80s baby but 90s made me-keds, crimped hair, choker and all✌--plus a little bit of Wilson Phillips & Destiny’s Child. Happy birthday Stevie girl, best bday celebration ever @munchbunny --

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And the zoomed out version, so you can get a better look at TR's blow-up boom box lolol

Take me back to the 90’s @laur_akins

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Also, the photobooth at this party was clearly CLUTCH:

Best fam EVER---- (really missing you @graysongregory) and the best friends who may as well be the fam-- ***also, peace signs forever ✌--✌--✌--

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Anyone else in the mood for a 90s themed Halloween party now??? Great, let's make plans!

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