Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers

Kim Pie

Tom Hanks Greets Kids and Fans Dressed as Mister Rogers!!

and he sang the Mister Rogers song with them!!

October 1, 2018

UGH, is it Monday again already?!?! 

While I don't have Friday for you yet, I DO have another Tom-Hanks-as-Mister-Rogers video to share with you!!

I was scrolling through Facebook over the weekend when I came across this video:

Shoutout to Kim Pie for letting us share the happiness in this video with our city!! I'm just SO happy that Tom Hanks is as nice as everyone expected him to be!

Not only did Tom stop to read little Evie's sign, but he sang the song Mister Rogers sings at the end of every episode, with all the kids there, SNAPS INCLUDED - and did I mention he was still dressed like Mister Rogers?! 


I just love that Tom Hanks is making the most of his time in Pittsburgh and that he's doing the most to make friends with yinzers while he's here filming 'You Are My Friend'.

Tom, if you wanted to have a home here in the burgh, I don't think any yinzer would be mad to have you as a neighbor!

If you have Tom Hanks sightings to share, let us know on Facebook!

Happy Monday!



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