New Emojis Coming to a Smartphone Near You in 2019!

I couldn't be happier about the otter. Or the waffle!!?!!

February 6, 2019

It's that time of year!

The Unicode Consortium (aka the emoji makers) have announced the latest round of new emojis, coming to a smartphone near you in 2019!

They posted a video with all the new emojis, an in total, we're getting 59 BASE new emojis (more with the different varieties of each emoji)!

Right out of the gate watching the video, I was PUMPED because the first one is a YAWNING EMOJI, and that's me 90% of the time lolol

They also get MAJOR high-fives for being disability-inclusive: they've added wheelchairs, hearing aids, guide dogs, and more!

I ALSO LOVE THE ANIMAL ADDITIONS. I have NO idea when I'll need to use an otter emoji, but I'm glad I will soon have the option! They've also added an orangutan, a flamingo and a sloth!!!

AND THE FOOD. This Italian is loving the addition of garlic and onions lolol but also I think their breakfast food selection has been slackin', so nice to see a waffle added in there, too!

See all the new emojis in the video below!


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