WHOA: Sam Hunt Arrested for DUI!

This is the last person I'd expect it from?!

November 21, 2019


If you asked me which celebrity I thought would be most likely to get a D.U.I., I would NEVER think of Sam Hunt.


According to TMZ, Sam Hunt was arrested for D.U.I. early this morning in Nashville. Police saw him driving the wrong way down a street and pulled him over. Witnesses also claimed they'd seen his vehicle swerving. 

Police saw 2 empty beer cans in the seat next to him. (SO BAD) When they asked for Sam's license, he handed over a credit card and a passport, while his license was very openly sitting on his lap. (OUCH)

He was given a field sobriety test and his BAC was .173, which is more than TWO TIMES the legal limit. (EVEN WORSE)

He was released on $2,500 bail late this morning. His court date is set for January 17. (BRO, this isn't gonna go well)

YIKES, SAM! Have you not heard of Uber, my dude?! Do better.

Also, his mugshot is A HOT MESS. See it HERE

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