You Can Call Randall from 'This Is Us'!!!

AND - it's a (412) number!

March 13, 2018
Sterling K Brown


One of the things I love MOST about 'This Is Us' is that they are VERY aware of what their audience needs.

Not only through what they deliver in the episodes each week, but outside of it, too!

PROOF BEING - They just gave us a phone number to call ALL SUMMER LONG while the show is on break!!!

YEP! On the other end of that phone number, you will hear Sterling K. Brown's (a.k.a. Randall's) voice assuring us that everything will be okay, and that the show will be back before we know it! Better than that, you can leave a VOICEMAIL on that number, telling the show how much it's missed!! Which, I will probably do every Tuesday night at 9pm until the show comes back in September lololol, but seriously.

The BEST part, though, is that it's a (412) number!! A sweet little nod to the fact that the show is set right here in Pittsburgh! My heart!!

If you're a fan of 'This Is Us' you ABSOLUTELY need to call this number before the show tonight - you know as well as I do, Sterling's voice has a way of making everything better!