You're Gonna Wanna Try the 'What the Fluff' Challenge on Your Dog After This!

So many puppy head tilts!!!

June 25, 2018
Dog - head tilt

© Tamifreed


GUARANTEED when I try this on my pup, Angel, she will just lay back down and go about her day as normal. lololol

There's a brand new challenge going around social media called the "What the Fluff" challenge, and it's essentially playing the "disappearing act" on your poor, unsuspecting pup!

BUT IT'S SO CUTE and brings about SO MANY puppy head tilts!!

What you do, is get your dog's attention, hold a blanket up (preferably in a doorway), and then as you drop the blanket - DISAPPEAR (aka RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND HIDE!).

The dogs in these videos are like, "Human?! Where iz you?!!"

If you do this, though, can we also see the reunion?! I need to know all those head tilts get hugs afterwards!!