These Sides Will Give Your Table Some Variety This Thanksgiving

Not everyone wants turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing

November 20, 2018

Thanksgiving is all about turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy, but there are plenty of other dishes to make sure you please everyone coming to your dinner table this holiday because surprisingly not everyone likes turkey (seriously).

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So here are just a few ideas to add some variety to your table this year

Roasted Beets: beets have a nice earthy potato-like taste but are also sweet and good for you!

Fried brussel sprouts with bacon - Bacon makes everything better. Who knows, maybe the kids will finally eat  their brussel sprouts without complaining

Salad - Any kind of salad works. With so much stuffing, gravy and potatoes, it will be good to give your guest a light option. 

Sweet potato pancakes - these are easy to fry up in a sauté pan and it really brings out the sweet flavor of the potatoes.

Pumpkin Soup - Instead of pumpkin pie, try some pumkin soup

Wild rice with bacon and raisins - bacon and raisins may seem like a strange combo but you'll thank us when you taste it

Sautéed brussel spouts and sweet potatoes - This dish can satisfy the vegetarian in your life

Butternut squash with cinnamon and pecans. Everything is delicious with cinnamon and pecans!