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Will Smith Might Haunt Your Dreams As The Genie In The New Aladdin

February 11, 2019

The movie industry is going through phase where they just remake old movies with creative new twists, except the new live version of Aladdin might haunt your dreams. 

During the Grammys they released the latest teaser for the new Aladdin movie and Will Smith's version of the genie caught everyone off guard. 

While we're used to the animated version of the genie played by the late Robin Williams, this new portrayal that Will Smith is doing is definitely leaving a lasting impression... And it's giving me nightmares.

Thank goodness I wasn't alone and Twitter seems to be on my side with this one. 

I'm glad I won't be alone with having sleepless nights over this

Here's to hoping that the movie people see our reactions and make Will Smith look less terrifying!