5 Things I Learned Becoming A Parent

May 23, 2018
Wookie and Tucker

I’m sure I could come up with more than 5 things, but some things I knew like ... that my wife is an amazing woman and having a child with her only drove that point home more.  I thought I knew I wasn’t ready in my mind to be a father but the moment my son was born I jumped right into father mode, and I knew I’ll finally have an excuse for my “Dad Bod,” but here are five things I’ve learned or have verified since becoming a parent:

  1. You don’t know what love is. Let me start by saying I love my wife, and family more than I can explain, I even love my job/career (some can’t say that), but until you get to look your child in the eyes while you hold them for the first time, you really don’t know what love is.  A 6 pound 3 ounce baby boy changed my life and my understanding of the word LOVE.
  2. Your life can wait. By that I mean your day in and day out things like reading up the house, checking emails and personal hygiene can take a back seat when you first welcome a baby into your life.  I’m very lucky that my company (Entercom) gives me 4 weeks of paternity leave and my wife’s company allows her 10.  I don’t know what we would have done if either one of us had to go straight back to work like in years past.  Having the time allowed us to get our son on a schedule (kind of) and allowed us time to adjust to having a new responsibility and  priority in our life.
  3. Take advice from others but always with a grain of salt. Look, all new parents want and need advice, but the thing to remember is that every child is different and what worked for some may not work for you and vice versa.  That doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent or your kid is satan’s spawn, it means you have to use your judgement and “tips” from others and find out what works with your kid.  Though do listen when they tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps or you’ll never get any.
  4. You will do things you NEVER thought you would or could. I mean this little human relies on you for everything … EVERYTHING.  Like feeding which leads to burbing which leads to getting spit up on.  What do you do…  you clean it up and wonder what YOU did wrong for that to happen.  Feeding leads to peeing and pooping,, which means you not only have to change their diapers but you have to clean/wipe everything …again EVERYTHING.  How can something that would make you gag before become second nature and just part of your day?  Oh, and then theres the stuffed nose and the new way of getting it unstuffed… NoseFrida, the SnotSucker Nasal Aspirator… if you don’t know what that is go and look it up and see how to use it.   Go, ahead I’ll wait … Enough said, and yet you do it without hesitation.
  5. Finally, everyone will tell you that your life is over or that it’s all about to change. Well duh, of course it’s going to change you’re having a baby.  Here’s the thing though even with ALL the responsibility and having to adjust to the baby and their needs, you can still do what you’ve always done.  In my son’s first month on this earth he has… Been to the Strip District, and Lawerenceville where we ate at Smoke (my wife and I) and feed him on the bench on Butler Street across from Hambones, He’s been to the North Shore and “strolled” the river walk and where he met a close friend of ours and we sat outside and had lunch at Bettis’s, he’s been to Lowes to help pick out new patio furniture and to Target.  He has spent a weekend at our camp in Cook Forest and joined us on a hike (a very short one but one none the less) and went with us to the Kinzua Bridge State Park and went out on the skywalk.  He’ll head back to camp Memorial Day weekend and may even get to meet Punxsutawney Phil if Grandma doesn’t want time with him.  You see our son is going to be exposed to as much as he can be because his mother and I love to live life and with him along it’s even more special.   We can’ wait to show him more!

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