The ABC’s of Wookie’s Top 3 Alabama Songs

June 11, 2018

Larry McCormack/The Tennessean via USA TODAY NETWORK

Each week I’ll pick an artist whose first or last name begins with the letter of the alphabet that next… 

So let’s get started with the Letter A …

How can I not start with the super group … Alabama?! This is going to be tough but let’s do it anyway.

3. “Lady Down On Love” … This song really shows off Randy voice when he gets to the chorus. Plus, there are very few women on earth that hasn’t felt like the “Lady Down On Love”. The fact that the 1st half of the song was from the woman perspective then flips to his side the second half. Millions around the world have felt this. Randy has said that he write this after seeing a group of women out celebrating ones divorce but the divorcee was the only one not having a good time. I think the sound really fits the time (1983) but is timeless. The song went to top of the charts in 1983

2. “Forty Hour Week” … I mean how could a song that mentions Pittsburgh not be in the top 3, plus it’s just a great song. Dated but great none the less. Steal, coal, and even the auto industries aren’t what they were in 1984. The song was Alabama’s 17th straight #1 which was the record at the time. The boys would have 21 straight before “missing’ on “Tar Top” in 1987 (a little trivia answers for ya) 

My top Alabama song will surprise almost all, if not all of you…

1. “Dancing, Shaggin’ on the Boulevard” … Yep a song that peaked at #3 in 1997 on the charts. I really don’t know why to be honest (maybe because you don’t hear it much, if at all). The song pays homage to Alabama’s begins and playing the clubs in Myrtle Beach. Bet you didn’t know that. They got their “start” play Myrtle Beach back in the day. They even shot the video (which is a must watch) in Myrtle Beach. I just like the feel of the song and Randy gravelly voice in it. 

There they are MY top 3 Alabama songs… Having so many to pick from made it both easy and hard, but these three get turned up and sung along to every time.  Matter of fact I search them out at times because I NEED to hear them. 

Next week we move on to the letter “B” … Brooks & Dunn