The ABC’s of Wookie’s Top 3: Brooks & Dunn

June 25, 2018
Brooks & Dunn

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Each week I’ll pick an artist whose first or last name begins with the letter of the alphabet that next…

On to Letter “B”  …

Last week it was super group Alabama …

This week it’s the Dynamic Duo of Brooks & Dunn.

Brooks & Dunn have meant a lot to me in my country music “life” as you see by my picks below. 

  • 3. “BELIEVE” … One of the best storytelling and coming of age songs ever in country music.  I think most of us can relate to it and had someone like “Old Man Wrigley” in their life growing up.  I was fortunate to have a few, that I miss daily, but cherish the knowledge and lessons they taught me.  The song may have only made it to #8 on the charts but great song aren’t always based on chart position but how many times you listen to it.  For me “Believe” is one of those I can’t get enough of.   

  • 2. “Red Dirt Road” … Not sure there’s a better summer country song out there.  Think about it, when you hear Kix’s guitar start in you can’t help but to smile. 
    This is a turn off the AC and open the windows song for sure.  Most guys have felt this way in their life.  Ladies there’s not one guy alive that wasn’t worried about you're dad or being able to get you back after we did something … well stupid. 

My top Brooks & Dunn song is very special to me because it’s where it all started for me…

  • 1. “How Long Gone” … My very first “break” on air was going into this song… It has a 16 second intro (of Kix on the guitar) and I practiced my first break and had it down.  It was going to be the best 16 seconds in Country Radio history; it turned into the worst 16 seconds in Country Radio history.  I forgot everything I had practiced … including my Name.  Kid you not, my NAME.  I still have the tape of that break and every once in a while I’ll pull it out and give it a listen and cringe!  Lol, but I also realize how far I’ve come in my career.  I had a chance to tell Kix and Ronnie that story and they got a kick out of it, and told me similar stories about being on stage.  It will always have a special place with me, plus, it’s just a great song. 

There they are MY top 3 Brooks & Dunn songs. There are a ton of runners up like “Neon Moon”, “She’s Not The Cheating Kind”, “The Long Goodbye.” I could keep going but won’t. 

Next week we move on to the letter “C.” Hello I’m, Johnny Cash.