Watch the Browns' Garrett shred photo of Big Ben

They'll finally meet on the field this Sunday

September 6, 2018

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports


On Draft day in 2017 Browns 1st round draft choice DL Myles Garrett made the follwoing statement ...  “Big Ben is a Super Bowl winner, and I heard he’s hard to take down. So, I’m coming for him first, (to) chop him down.”  Then Garrett missed the first game with an ankle injury, and the second game against the Browns Big Ben sat out as it ment nothing to the Steelers. 

So Sunday's season opener in Cleveland will be the first time Garrett can try and back up those words.  Now with the Browns doing a great parody of the opening credits of the TV show "The Office" with Garrett in the roll of Dwight K. Schrute, and putting a photo of Big Ben through the shredder. 


I get that Ben is a two time Super Bowl Champ and has owned the Browns in his career going 22-2 versus them, you might want to "Chop Him Down" or shred him.  The one thing no ones seems to rememeber was how Alejandro Villanueva the Steelers left tackle owned Garrett in that second game vs. the Browns last year.  I'll place my money on a former Army Ranger over the #1 overall pick.