Joe Manganiello Visits Children's Hospital

And Played Dungeons & Dragons

January 9, 2019
Joe Manganiello

© Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The city of Pittsburgh always gets a little brighter when Joe Manganiello comes home, but he made this trip even better by visiting with the patients and their families at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC.

The Pittsburgh native who is an active member of the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation and likes to give back to the children anyway he possibly can. Joe helped the children to forget about the difficult time that they're going through right now and taught some of the children how to play the board game, Dungeons and Dragons. Joe was quoted in the past saying, "I think it's really important when you come from somewhere, to let kids know that anything's possible. They can dream big."

Joe was also quoted saying, "I credit Pittsburgh very much with the man that I am today."

Pittsburgh should be proud to call him one of our own.