New Study Says Every Extra Pint Of Beer Takes 15 Minutes Off Your Life


March 4, 2019

Every week we read new statistic about wine and beer.. Some weeks it's good for you, other weeks it's bad for you.

Well put down your beer for a minute to read the latest statistic..

Drink more than five glasses of wine or beer in a week and you take fifteen minutes off your life with every extra glass.

The maximum number of drinks you can have a week to be a healthy person is five. Total. That's about 100 grams of alcohol, or five standard size glasses of wine or pints of beer.

After those five glasses, you're shortening your life span by 15 minutes with every glass. The more you drink, the more you run a higher risk for heart failure, stroke, fatal aneurysm or death.

Example: If a 40-year-old drinks three glasses of wine a night, he or she will lose two years of his or her life.

The guideline comes courtesy of a new paper studying the drinking habits and health of almost 600,000 people.

Guess now would be a good time to take up drinking hot tea or are they going to take that away from us soon too?!