You Can Get Your Very Own Personalized Antonio Brown Video.. For $500!

March 5, 2019
Antonio Brown

© Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Do you have $500 laying around and nothing to do with it?

Well we have one way that you can spend it.. On a personalized video from Antonio Brown!

Yes, you read correctly.. Just pay $500 and you could have your very own Mr. Big Chest video.

The cameo site is becoming viral for paying celebrities to make personalized videos for you, but at a price.

It does say "charity" besides Brown's name which could mean that he is not receiving any financial benefits from Cameo, but no one has confirmed or denied that.

Colin Dunlap from our sister station, 93.7 The Fan, had the best reaction tweet about this.

If you have $500 just laying around with nothing to do with it, there are many other better things you can do with it!