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Let's Get Real: Dating Sucks

Let's Get Real: Dating Sucks

Let's face it.. There are many points in the day when we want to vocalize our opinions, but we either don't want to rock the boat by hurting someone's feelings or we're afraid it's going to make someone mad.. Don't worry, I'm not afraid and I'm here to express the WTF moments for you with "Let's... Read More
Maria Goes Viral: 'Florida Man' Challenge

Maria Goes Viral: 'Florida Man' Challenge!

Welcome to the first episode of Maria Goes Viral !! New viral challenges are popping up on social media every week - EVERY DAY, really! I usually just check 'em out and keep scrolling, but I decided that I want to stop living my life on the sidelines, AND START TRYING STUPID STUFF! This week's... Read More
Dierks Bentley performs at Bridgestone Arena Friday, February 22, 2019

Dierks Bentley to Headline NFL Draft Concert in Nashville

Football players won’t be the only stars in Nashville during NFL Draft weekend. Dierks Bentley is joining Tim McGraw as a headliner for free concerts surrounding the event. Bentley will take the outdoor stage on Saturday, April 27th. McGraw was previously announced as the main event for the day... Read More
selfie with pup

Take the PERFECT Selfie with Your Pup with 'Pooch Selfie'!

OH. MY. WORD. Get ready to see a MAJOR influx of pup selfies on my Instagram!!! (and if you like those kinds of pics on your timeline, gimme a follow! @mariaonair !) I found this new PUPfect selfie stick scrolling through Facebook yesterday - it's actually from Shark Tank ! It's called Pooch Selfie... Read More

You Can Help Name April the Giraffe's New Baby!!

I am SUCH a fanatic of April the Giraffe from Animal Adventure Park , that I signed up for email alerts the last time she gave birth. GO AHEAD AND LAUGH, BUT I JUST GOT THE INSIDE SCOOP FROM SAID EMAIL ALERTS! lololol They ARE allowing the public to help name April's new baby!! Click HERE to help... Read More
Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts Shares the Artists on Their Summer Playlists

The calendar has flipped to spring – a time when the air starts to get warmer and the definition of the perfect song changes. We had a chance to catch up with country music legends Rascal Flatts to hear about their favorite warm weather tunes. Watch the video above for who’s on summer playlists for... Read More
Fish Sandwich

Y'd Awake's 'Winner, Winner Fish Dinner' Fish Fry Tour!

We're half way through fish fry season and we have found some GREAT fish frys, but Y'd Awake is still HUNGRY and looking for more to come to! In case you've missed it, every Friday during Lent the Y'd Awake Morning Show has been going to a different Fish Fry; Starting in Allegheny county and ending... Read More
Movie poster for Marvel Studios' 'Captain Marvel' starring Brie Lason

Dream Job Alert - You Can Get Paid To Watch All The Marvel Movies!

Do you ever sit back and think, "What is the most random thing I can do and get paid for it?" Well I think I've found it for you now.. Now you can get paid to watch Marvel movies ! DREAM JOB: Get paid $1,000 to watch Marvel movies — WPTV (@WPTV)... Read More