Broadway's Backyard

Lady Antebellum

Lady A Compliments Pittsburgh Country Fans

Lady Antebellum are co-headlining with Darius Rucker at KeyBank Pavillion tomorrow. Charles Kelley joined Broadway's Backyard to talk about the group's new record deal, playing Pittsburgh, and the stigma surrounding group therapy. Hear the entire conversation below.
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Luke Combs Can Down A Drink In the Blink Of An Eye?

Luke Combs is thrilled to be joining Jason Aldean Friday night at Key Bank Pavilion for his High Noon Neon Tour. Luke joins Broadway to talk about the fake news about a past relationship, what he loves hunting turkey more than anything, when we’ll be getting a new album from him and he tells us how...
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You’re Probably Saying Jason Aldean’s Name Wrong

Before Jason Aldean brings his High Noon Neon Tour to Key Bank Pavilion Friday night, Broadway’s Backyard caught up with the “Drowns The Whiskey” singer to talk about why people mispronounce his name as ALL-dean, the weirdest thing he’s seen with his face on it and what alcohol he would put his...
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Which TV Show Made Cole Swindell Cry?

"Breakup In The End" singer Cole Swindell performs at Stage AE tonight. Cole called Broadway's Backyard this morning and Broadway was still sobbing about the death of Jaha on "The 100," so he asked him if he's ever shed tears watching TV. His answer is one most people with a TV can relate to. Take...
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A Cop Breastfed Someone Else’s Baby and Got Promoted

A cop was working security at a children's hospital last Tuesday when someone brought in an extremely malnourished baby. When she heard him crying, she knew he was hungry and asked if she could help. Someone posted about her kind act on social media and she's since been promoted!
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Jagoff Goes Into River Full Of Hungry Bears For Selfie

Ya know what? Darwinism. Don’t punish people like this. Instead, I believe we should encourage them. One less Jagoff means a better/safer world. Smh Video of Ignorant human being putting his life and bears lives in danger Brooks Falls Alaska 2018 08 09
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City vs. Country (Wexford vs. Butler) with Earl Dibbles Jr.

Granger Smith's alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr., is releasing his debut book, "If You’re City, If You’re Country," today (08/21).
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Craft Beer

Craft Beer Lovers of Pittsburgh Need THIS!

30 breweries in Allegheny County are coming together to bring us the Pittsburgh Brewery Guide.
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City of Champyinz

Is this the sweetest thing anyone has ever said?

Did you hear Abigail from Butler's City of ChampYINZ story? "My bf told me the sweetest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. It was hands down the most romantic thing ever spoken. Period. He told me that he loves the sound of my heartbeat." AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! HEART MELTED!
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Beer in Fridge

Bud Light is Trolling Browns Fans

Our Black and Gold hearts can't help but laugh.
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