Aries Spears with Y'd Awake Morning Show

Comedian Aries Spears Had Y'd Awake Cracking Up This Morning!

In case you missed it, funny man Aries Spears came into the studio this morning to hang out with Y'd Awake and had them CRACKING UP! From the country intro music to his stand up show to his impressions of Shaq and Al Pacino, Cowboy Curt's stomach was killing him from laughing so hard. To check out...
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man drinking liquor

Police Search for Volunteers to 'Drink to the Point of Inebriation'!!?!

AWWW MANNNN! We missed our chance to perform our civic duty to help the greater good! A police station near Allentown posted a bulletin on Facebook this week looking for volunteers who would be "willing to drink hard liquor to the point of inebriation". I KID YOU NOT: YUP. The cops wanted to get ya...
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In Honor Of Woman Being Banned From Walmart, A Group Drank Wine From Pringles Can In Walmart Parking Lot

Do you happen to remember the woman that banned from Walmart last weekend in Wichita Falls, Texas due to drinking wine from a Pringles can while riding in a motorized shopping cart in a Walmart parking lot at 6:30 in the morning? I mean, how can you forget her! Well there is a group of people in...
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Luke Bryan Is Coming Back To Pittsburgh!

The best way to start off your snowy Friday is with the thought of summer and a concert announcement. LUKE BRYAN IS COMING BACK TO THE 'BURGH ! Luke announced on his social media yesterday that he is bringing The Sunset Repeat tour with Cole Swindell, Jon Langston and DJ Rock with him to Key Bank...
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George Straight; Willie Nelson

WATCH: Willie Nelson and George Strait Perform Together for the FIRST TIME!

I don't know if I believe this is true?!?! In all the years that Willie Nelson and George Straight have DOMINATED the country music scene, they've never ONCE performed together?!?!?! BUT IN 2019 - THAT ALL CHANGES! According to TexasMonthly.com , A&E is doing a Willie Nelson special, Willie:...
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I gotta be honest, when I heard about these a few months back, I was pretty skeptical that they were really going to be a thing. BUT THEY DID IT. Oreo has officially released their MOST STUF OREO !!! The Most Stuf Oreo! Found at: Rite Aid pic.twitter.com/90EUFHSXKo — thejunkfoodaisle (@...
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Betty White

Betty White Is 97 Years Young Today!

Can you believe that the woman, the myth and the legend, Betty White is 97 years old today?! A BIG Happy 97th Birthday to the ONE and ONLY, Betty White!! #BettyWhite pic.twitter.com/cNQTRh2pzx — Jenny Christodal (@jennychristodal) January 17, 2019 Most know for The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler...
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Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw Is The Latest Masked Singer!

The Masked Singer loves the Pittsburgh Steelers! First Antonio Brown, now Terry Bradshaw! Last night it was unveiled that "The Deer" on The Masked Singer was Terry Bradshaw! Terry had performed twice on the show, with his first performance being Imagine Dragon's "Thunder", but last night he went a...
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police line

MORE CREEPY SHOWS ON NETFLIX! Get Ready for 'The Ted Bundy Tapes'!

GAHHH MAN, why is Netflix coming out with so much CREEPY stuff recently?!?! Need I remind you that it is NOT Halloween?!?! Apparently that doesn't matter! Because we still have shows like ' Bird Box ' coming out, and ' You ' with Penn Badgely playing that creepy stalker/serial killer that people...
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This Is Us Cast

This Is Us Is Back With A Little Touch Of Pittsburgh!

Do you have your tissues ready? This Is Us is back and the creator, Dan Fogelman, didn't disappoint! Spoilers ahead! If you haven't watched the latest episode yet, turn around while you can! Okay.. Last chance! You have been warned.. Coming back from the winter hiatus, we had a lot of cliff hangers...
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