Courteney Cox Recreates 'Friends' on Instagram!!

This video is giving me LIIIIFFFFEEEE!!
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Lori Loughlin

Netflix Drops Lori Loughlin From 'Fuller House'

Get ready to say goodbye to Aunt Becky! Lori Loughlin won't be coming back to back to 'Fuller House' on Netflix after this college bribery scandal. Lori Loughlin Has Reportedly Been Fired From 'Fuller House' https://t.co/7qLo1zfWNj — What The F*** Facts (@WhatTheFFacts) March 22, 2019 WOW! The...
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Maria Goes Viral: 'Florida Man' Challenge

Maria Goes Viral: 'Florida Man' Challenge!

What did a Florida man do on Maria's birthday?!
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selfie with pup

Take the PERFECT Selfie with Your Pup with 'Pooch Selfie'!

OH. MY. WORD. Get ready to see a MAJOR influx of pup selfies on my Instagram!!! (and if you like those kinds of pics on your timeline, gimme a follow! @mariaonair !) I found this new PUPfect selfie stick scrolling through Facebook yesterday - it's actually from Shark Tank ! It's called Pooch Selfie...
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You Can Help Name April the Giraffe's New Baby!!

I am SUCH a fanatic of April the Giraffe from Animal Adventure Park , that I signed up for email alerts the last time she gave birth. GO AHEAD AND LAUGH, BUT I JUST GOT THE INSIDE SCOOP FROM SAID EMAIL ALERTS! lololol They ARE allowing the public to help name April's new baby!! Click HERE to help...
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Movie poster for Marvel Studios' 'Captain Marvel' starring Brie Lason

Dream Job Alert - You Can Get Paid To Watch All The Marvel Movies!

Do you ever sit back and think, "What is the most random thing I can do and get paid for it?" Well I think I've found it for you now.. Now you can get paid to watch Marvel movies ! DREAM JOB: Get paid $1,000 to watch Marvel movies https://t.co/iteQ34dGSX pic.twitter.com/6L2p16Ruf5 — WPTV (@WPTV)...
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Texas Man Tested The 'All Leashed Pets Are Welcome’ Policy By Bringing In His Steer

Don't you LOVE seeing pets when you go into the Petco?! It's my absolute favorite thing to see when I go into the pet store when I'm picking up treats for my dog, but what would happen if you saw a 1,000 pound steer coming at you? Well that's what happened in Texas this week when a man tested the "...
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Luke Bryan. 2018 CMA Music Fest Nightly Concert

Luke Bryan Busts A Move to Celebrate Son's Birthday!

Dad's still got it!
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The Trailer For Stranger Things Season 3 Is Out & It Looks AMAZING!

It feels like we've waited SO long for this.. Well the moment is FINALLY HERE! Stranger Things Season 3 will be coming to a Netflix near you July 4th, 2019, but you don't have to wait for the trailer. We have that here for you right now! Video of Stranger Things 3 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix...
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Tom Hanks

Watch Tom Hanks Sing 'Happy Birthday' To A Fan In A Restaurant!

When you think of America's sweetheart, do you not think of Tom Hanks? Well I know I most certainly do.. Tom is one of the sweetest men in the movie industry, as well as the world, so he can do no wrong in my eyes. Don't try to tell me otherwise . Once again, Tom proves himself to be the best human...
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