Target Now Selling A Sugar Plum Icee for the Holidays!

Chances are, you've made a home at Target this holiday season (more than you already do, amiright?)! WELP, here's one more reason you need to get there! All that holiday shopping is HARD. WORK. You deserve to treat yoself! ...with Target's new SUGAR PLUM ICEE !! It’s the most --magical-- time of...
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McDonalds Cheesy Bacon Fries

McDonald's Fries + Cheddar + Bacon > EVERYTHING!!!

Turns out my New Years Resolution to be healthier is already ruined, thanks to McDonald's! No, seriously, THANK YOU, MCDONALD'S! This is AMAZING. According to bestproducts.com , starting in 2019, available nationwide, McDonald's will be selling CHEESY BACON FRIES!!!! Cheesy bacon fries from @...
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'Stranger Things' Season 3: WE HAVE EPISODE TITLES!!

I SWEAR. The people behind ' Stranger Things ' must've known that Pittsburgh needed a pick-me-up after that TERRIBLE loss vs. Oakland, because they dropped a brand new trailer for Season 3 right after the game!! Now, it's not much in the way of seeing what's gonna be happening in Season 3, but it...
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Chrissy Metz

WATCH: First Trailer for 'Breakthrough' with Chrissy Metz from 'This Is Us'!

WHY IS IT that every project that the ' This Is Us ' actors do outside of the show ALSO has to make us cry?!?! Doesn't the show do a well enough job of that?!?!?! UGH, in any case, I'm still super pumped for a good cry at this movie! Chrissy Metz (aka Kate from 'This Is Us') is about to star in a...
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holiday doughnuts

Get Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for $1 Next Week!!!!

It truly IS the most wonderful time of the year, because guess what's back at Krispy Kreme ?!?! The $1 Dozen Doughnuts Deal!!! YAAAAAS!! According to Cosmopolitan.com , the deal is next week, for ONE. DAY. ONLY! December 12th! When you buy a dozen doughnuts of your choosing, maybe a nice mix of...
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Dollar Jolly

Applebee's 'Dollar Jolly' Will Bring You Holiday Cheer All Month Long!

YA KNOW, for having the biggest party night of the year in it, the month of November was SORELY lacking in Dollar Drinks from Applebee's , huh?! But good news!! That's all remedied for the month of December! Applebee's is BACK with a brand new Dollar Drink to bring you holiday cheer all month long...
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Jenna Fischer

The Cast of 'The Office' has Reunion Brunch!!!!!

Remember that one time, like 2 weeks ago, when Steve Carell hosted ' SNL ' and did this big opening monologue where his former castmates from ' The Office ' tried to convince him to join a reboot of the show?? Video of Steve Carell Returns to SNL Monologue - SNL LOOKS LIKE THEY ATTEMPTED THAT AGAIN...
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The Classic Arbynator

Arby's is Selling a Sandwich with CURLY FRIES on It!

YES - you read that right! Arby's is now selling a sammy with fries on it and they're calling it ~* THE ARBYNATOR *~! Sounds a little like a Pittsburgh copy-cat, right? Not exactly! Did you know that the President of Arby's, Rob Lynch , is FROM Pittsburgh?! That's where he got the idea! According...
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Secret Santa Pays for ALL Layaway Items at Vermont Walmart!

It's back-to-work on a Monday after a long holiday weekend. If you're Grinch-ing out because you'd rather be at home in your pajamas, fully giving your attention to Cyber Monday deals...I get it. HOWEVER, this story will definitely put some holiday pep in your step! According to CBSNews.com , an...
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Colton Underwood

DRAMA EVERYWHERE! The First Trailer for Colton's Season of 'The Bachelor' is HERE!

To quote the great Chris Harrison , "This is about to be the most DRAMATIC SEASON of ' The Bachelor ' EVER!" lololol BUT SERIOUSLY. We just got the first trailer for Colton's season of 'The Bachelor' and there are a whole lotta tears! Mostly from Colton, which I dig. I like a sensitive guy. AND...
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