Hello I Am Famous

Bet You've Never Met Someone THIS Famous in a Pizza Shop!

HOLY COW!!! So, I was minding my business scrolling through Twitter, and I kept seeing this trending story about "someone meeting someone special in a pizzeria"...so after seeing it for the 8937453th time, I finally decided to click on it! AND WOW. Best decision EVER?! WOWOWOW. The whole time I was...
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Thomas Rhett

LOOK: Thomas Rhett's AMAs Suit Was Next Level!

WOWOW. Ok, I'm sure if you watched the AMAs on Tuesday night, you saw Thomas Rhett lookin' FLYYY in his teal suit: Thanks for having me tonight @AMAs glad to be here! Missing you @laur_akins #AMAs pic.twitter.com/hgabEp3c1F — Thomas Rhett (@ThomasRhett) October 10, 2018 I mean, the guy can REALLY...
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Netflix application icon on Apple iPhone X screen close-up. Netflix app icon. Netflix application. Social media network.

The Countdown is ON! See the New Trailer for 'Making A Murderer Part 2'!!!

As of today - October 10th, 2019 - we're in SINGLE DIGIT DAYS - only 9 more days until 'Making A Murderer Part 2' is released on Netflix !! And to hold us over until then, Netflix gave us a new little trailer! Now, there's not much new information in it, BUT it does show how the first part of the...
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Oreo Is Releasing Its BIGGEST Oreo Yet!!!

OK, d on't judge me. BUT, at least once in my life, I've removed the creme filling from one Double Stuf Oreo and put it in the middle of another to make it ONE MASSIVE OREO. C'MON, the creme filling is the best part! You've gotta do everything to maximize your creme to cookie ratio, amiright?!?!...
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Halloween Donuts

Krispy Kreme Proves Fall Treats Don't Have to be Pumpkin Spice!

YIPPEE! We're getting more Fall/Halloween treats that WAY outweigh pumpkin spice everything! Krispy Kreme has just introduced TWO brand new doughnuts and I need 'em IN MUH BELLY - immediately! The first one is the "Trick-or-Treat doughnut", that has pretty much everything on it that you'd get trick...
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LOOK: Carrie Underwood Shares Throwback Photo Showcasing Scar

SO - Carrie Underwood posted a throwback photo on Instagram over the weekend. NBD, right? WELLLLL - it was throwback enough that it wasn't from that day, but recent enough that it was post-injury from last year. YUP! She showed off her scar from the accident. There was exactly zero make-up covering...
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Steelers Fans

Yinzers Get Engaged at Steelers Game!

The final score of the Steelers v. Falcons game Sunday (41-17, US!!) wasn't the only sweet, sweet victory of the day. A couple of yinzers got ENGAGED right outside of Heinz Field before the game!!! And it was seriously the most yinzer thing you could ever witness. BLACK AND GOLD EVERYWHERE! Not...
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Zac Brown

Zac Brown and Wife Shelly Announce Separation After 12 Years of Marriage

I hate to bring you down on a Monday when you're already over it, but today's Trending at 10 STINKS. Zac Brown (of Zac Brown Band) and his wife, Shelly , announced over the weekend that after 12 years of marriage, they've decided to SPLIT UP. :( :( :( They made a joint statement to eonline.com...
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Oreos + Donuts?! Dunkin' Nailed This Halloween Treat!

Man! Dunkin' Donuts changes their name to Dunkin' and all of sudden we get all these PRESENTS! They're giving us the Dunkin' Coffee Porter , which will be a mix of espresso and craft beer (!!!), read more on that here ! But let's get down to the real business - THE SWEET TREATS! Dunkin' has just...
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Baby Shark

The 'Baby Shark' Song Just Got Remixed!

I hate to say it, but this is fantastic. Thanks to my adorable little nephew, I, unwillingly, got introduced to 'Baby Shark' for the first time over the weekend. *BA-BY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO DO* *BA-BY SHARK DO DO DO DO DO DO* It was stuck in my head ALL DAY on Sunday!! I was begging everyone to...
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