Bottles of wine

NOT A DRILL: ALDI Wine Advent Calendars Now Available Stateside!!!

WOW. Recently, I keep going back on my own philosophy, about NOT rushing seasons...I keep getting excited about stuff that's coming out for Fall and CHRISTMAS...IN AUGUST! I KNOW! But this one includes WINE, so I hope you'll give me a free pass. Remember last year when ALDI said it would be selling...
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Chris Lane/Gabby Barrett

CHECK THIS: Gabby Barrett is Joining Chris Lane on Tour!!!

This is about to be an AWESOME SHOW, and I am SO bummed it's not coming to Pittsburgh!!! Chris Lane just announced his Laps Around the Sun Tour to promote his new album (of the same name) and he has TWO very special opening acts! One is Pittsburgh's very own GABBY BARRETT !!! YAYYYAYAYYY! Could not...
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Mister Rogers

Get Ready to Watch the Mister Rogers Documentary on REPEAT!

WAIT. WAIT! I don't know why, but for some reason I didn't realize this was going to end up on DVD!!!?!?!!! I am SUPER stoked, because I missed it in theaters, and I know they're going to air it on PBS, but...commercials. This fixes EVERYTHING! The Mister Rogers documentary ' Won't You Be My...
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Ryan Shazier and family

Ryan Shazier and Michelle Rodriguez's Second Child Is A...!!!!

This was the BEST news to see scrolling through Instagram today!!! Ryan Shazier posted the gender reveal sonogram of his second child with fiancee Michelle Rodriguez !!! They're having a... Im so excited how the lord works. Thank you for allowing me and @mrs.shazier50 to have a beautiful boy on the...
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candy corn

Sour Patch Kids CANDY CORN is a Thing This Halloween

WHY?! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! My favorite candy, Sour Patch Kids , is combining with the WORST candy known to man, because it's not really candy - it's WAX. Sour Patch Kids CANDY CORN will be a thing this Halloween :( :( Listen, I’m gonna review some Halloween candy in August and ya’ll are just...
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Mister Rogers

This is the BEST Mister Rogers 'How People Make' Video!

I was scrolling through Facebook this weekend when I struck GOLD. One of my friends shared the BEST 'How People Make' video from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood ...THE CRAYONS!!! Honestly, it's mesmerizing: One of the best parts of the whole video is how Mister Rogers pronounces crayons "cranz"...SO...
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Chipotle Adding BACON to Its Topping Options!

I am surprisingly feeling very conflicted about this news. Normally I am all for adding bacon to EVERYTHING. It's like chocolate, it's always a good addition to anything, ya know? But I can't say I've ever had bacon on Mexican food??? Chipotle is trying it on for size, though! According to eater...
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Maria and Taylor Swift at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh

I Got to Meet TAYLOR SWIFT and Here's What Happened!!!

OH. MY. SWIFTIES. I still can't believe this was/is real life. This was THE luckiest, coolest, most unreal night of my LIFE. And I wouldn't be doing my job right if I didn't share it with Y-O-U! I got to meet Taylor Swift (!!!) Tuesday night at Heinz Field for her Reputation Stadium Tour, and she...
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Max Joseph


I AM ACTUALLY DEVASTATED BY THIS NEWS. Bae texted me about it yesterday and the conversation looked like this: YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Max Joseph is LEAVING MTV's 'Catfish' ! Here's his statement explaining why: Hey guys, the time has come, sadly, for me to leave Catfish... pic.twitter.com/...
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Woman with Dog

WATCH: Woman Wakes Up To Shocking Surprise from Dog

What would you do if you woke up to this?? Grab your phone to take a video, of course.
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