Thanksgiving dinner

Your Thanksgiving Dinner is READY! Cracker Barrel Has it For You!

If you're not big on cooking, and the thought of making a Thanksgiving turkey makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry: GOOD NEWS! Cracker Barrel has your back! According to , they're offering the " Heat n' Serve Holiday Family Meal To-Go "! It's gonna cost ya $109.99, BUT it...
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Starbucks Holiday Cups 2018

Starbucks 2018 Holiday Cups Are HEEEERRRREEEE!

One true marker of the holidays - Starbucks releasing its annual HOLIDAY CUP!!!
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Christmas-themed bar

A Christmas-Themed Bar Is Popping Up in Pittsburgh Again This Year

Miracle, the pop-up Christmas bar, is back! This time it's a Miracle on Liberty Avenue!
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Pillsbury Elf Cookies

IS IT CHRISTMAS YET?! Pillsbury Releasing 'Elf' Sugar Cookies!!!

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Holiday Movies

Lifetime Just Announced It's Holiday Movie Schedule!!!!!!

If there's one thing it's okay to get excited about EARLY for the holidays, IT IS THIS . Lifetime just announced its official line-up and schedule of HOLIDAY MOVIES!!!!!! I've never been so excited to sit on my couch for hours on end! According to , ' It's A Wonderful Lifetime ' kicks...
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Bottles of wine

NOT A DRILL: ALDI Wine Advent Calendars Now Available Stateside!!!

WOW. Recently, I keep going back on my own philosophy, about NOT rushing seasons...I keep getting excited about stuff that's coming out for Fall and CHRISTMAS...IN AUGUST! I KNOW! But this one includes WINE, so I hope you'll give me a free pass. Remember last year when ALDI said it would be selling...
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hallmark movies

Hallmark is Making 34 New Christmas Movies for 2018!

OK - I know that we've just about had it with the snow and the cold weather, and the LAST thing anyone wants to think about right now is Christmas... BUT! There's never really a bad time to talk about Hallmark Christmas movies, amiright?! According to , Hallmark is making 34 NEW...
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Luke Bryan's Christmas Kangaroos Are Loving Life

"2 Live Roo and Roo Tang Clan are living their best life."
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Jason Aldean’s Family Gave Him the “Coolest Christmas Gift Ever”

It was pretty award winning.
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Gwen Stefani's Kids Had a Fun Christmas Morning with Blake Shelton

Can you handle this much Christmas cuteness? It's a lot.
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