Maria D'Antonio

Colton Underwood

DRAMA EVERYWHERE! The First Trailer for Colton's Season of 'The Bachelor' is HERE!

To quote the great Chris Harrison , "This is about to be the most DRAMATIC SEASON of ' The Bachelor ' EVER!" lololol BUT SERIOUSLY. We just got the first trailer for Colton's season of 'The Bachelor' and there are a whole lotta tears! Mostly from Colton, which I dig. I like a sensitive guy. AND...
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Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers

Tom Hanks Greets Kids and Fans Dressed as Mister Rogers!!

UGH, is it Monday again already?!?! While I don't have Friday for you yet, I DO have another Tom-Hanks -as- Mister-Rogers video to share with you!! I was scrolling through Facebook over the weekend when I came across this video: Shoutout to Kim Pie for letting us share the happiness in this video...
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Gabby Barrett

Gabby Barrett To Headline Pittsburgh Fourth Of July Celebration

Gabby Barrett has been announced as the headliner for this year’s EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta “Celebrate America” celebration this Fourth of July! Barrett said in a statement released by the Regatta, “I’m so excited to be part of this summertime tradition and help Pittsburgh honor America...
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Bed Bath & Beyond Launches Yearly Membership Program with Lots of Perks!!!

UH OH. This could get v. v. dangerous, v. quickly. Also, your mail carrier may have to find more package hiding spots. (lolol, but srsly) Bed Bath & Beyond just launched a yearly membership program, and for the price/perks combination, you'll wanna sign up 3 times! An ice tray that easily pops...
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Baseball snacks

Woman Catches Foul Ball In Her BEER!

This has GOT to be the coolest foul ball catch I've ever seen in the history of Major League Baseball! (Not that I've seen a lot, but this is still awesome!) A foul ball was hit at a San Diego Padres game this week, and a woman waaaaayyyyyy high up in the stands caught it - IN HER BEER!!! CLEARLY...
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Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay Win 'Duo Video of the Year' at CMT Awards!

Patty Smyers, Dan Smyers' mom, said it perfectly on a call earlier today: "It just shows that dreams do come true!" Pittsburgh native Dan Smyers took home his first ever award for country music last night at the CMT Awards !!! Dan + Shay won Duo Video of the Year for 'Tequila' and they immediately...
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GROUP FaceTime is a New Feature on iOS 12!

Um, I have no idea who even has this many friends, but if YOU do, get ready to FaceTime all of them at once! According to , Apple just revealed some new features for iOS 12, which will be out in September, and it includes GROUP FaceTime...for you and up to 31 of your closest friends...
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Steel City Clothing Mr. Rogers

Steel City Clothing Debuts 'Mister Rogers' Line!!!

I can't be the only Pittsburgh kid who grew up thinking, "JUST ONE TIME, I'd like to go to Mister Rogers' and switch my sweater from the indoor one to the outdoor one." RIGHT?! Well thanks to Steel City Clothing , you'll be able to do it now!! They've created a Mister Rogers' Neighborhood...
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Pittsburgh Pirates Pierogi race

Primanti Bros New Sandwich DOES NOT Have Fries?!?!

UM, WHAT? Primanti Bros. just introduced a brand new sammy that DOES NOT have french fries piled on top?!?! I mean, is it really a Primanti's sammy WITHOUT the fries?! BUT, before we all get our coleslaw in a bunch, turns out we're still getting our potato fix in this new sammy! Instead of fries,...
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