FIDO FRIDAY! Hank From Cross Your Paws Needs A Boss!

Friday, October 16th

FIDO FRIDAY! ---- This week we have adoptable Hank from Cross Your Paws Rescue!

Hank is full of personality and is a full-blooded Old English Sheepdog! He is almost 1, neutered, housebroken, very playful, and needs to be with a person that is 100% Boss. Hank gets along with dogs his own size that are Alphas; No children, cats, or small dogs because Hank can be very selfish. Hank will steal your heart, but will also steal leadership. Are you Hank's Pack Leader? If so please go to and apply.

----Hank was on the wrong path before and was very strong minded. He gas bitten before to get his own way. He was resource guarding the whole time he grew up and wasn’t corrected. He has been with one of our trainers and has been doing great, but this is work that must continue throughout his life. He is sweet and lovable and yes adorable, but you can’t relax with him!! When you think you can treat him like the average dog think again or ge will bite you. You must have a lot of understanding for this kind of behavior.

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