PAY IT FORWARD! 'This Yinzer Supports St. Jude' Thanks To PGH Apparel!

Tuesday, September 8th

2020 has had A LOT of ups and downs, but one things that remains is that we need to continue to keep doing good things of others and "paying it forward". Recently I decided to pay it forward by running another half marathon in support of St. Jude. With that, I wanted to work on fundraising opportunities with local businesses - Cue PGH Apparel!

They are a local clothing company & have great yinzer apparel, as well as the "This Yinzer Supports St. Jude" shirt! Listen to the history behind PGH Apparel and what their Event Coordinator/Marketing Director, Brittany Capozoli, had to say about why you should be shopping at their store!

If you buy this shirt at PGH Apparel, 25% of the proceeds will be going back to St. Jude!

If you know a business that would like to "Pay It Forward", please email