The Andy Davis Podcast

Andy Davis brings a case of kick-ass to Western Pennsylvania. Join him for
his unique take on music, outdoor activities, and life out here.
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Corona 2020

This week on the Andy davis podcast me and Victoria really don't have a choice but to talk about the elephant in the room. our opinions and outlook on covid-19.


This week VictoriaVictoria invited her friend Christa Brucker to join us to talk about her struggles with trying to have a baby. as sears as a conversation as...

What Defines Disease

This got interesting real quick. So we found out that me and Victoria have slightly different outlooks on what actually Defines Disease. Covering everything...

she gone

Have you ever made a big change without knowing what the plan was? Well Victoria made a big change this past week and it lead to an interesting conversation!

I think we will keep her

The Andy Davis podcast is back and I am bringing my beautiful wife with me to be my full time co host. This week we are Just chatting about the struggles of...