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Andy Davis brings a case of kick-ass to Western Pennsylvania. Join him for
his unique take on music, outdoor activities, and life out here.
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Hits like a ram cuts like a cat

Having. vision is one thing but bring it to life is another . Brett Fulton the inventor of the Ramcat broad head joins me today to talk about a brand and a...

Never Quit

Sometimes I like to pick topics to discuss that I think are interesting and find someone to talk with that knows about that specific thing which today leads me...

Making a Difference

The power of a 7 year old can change the world. Jess Estochin joins me to talk about her daughter Peytons adventure to help k9 officers and how important it...

He Bought The Farm

Running a farm in 2019 offers a whole different set of problems than it did even 20 years ago. My buddy Jason Pavlocak of Hillside Orchards LLC joins me to...

She's Back!

Since I put out my episode with Victoria it seems like everyone has been talking about it so I decided it is your turn to get to know her. Give it a listen!