Demand For PA Cyber School This Fall Prompts Waiting List

PITTSBURGH (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) - We’re just weeks away from the new school year and many parents are looking for online options.

The pandemic has made planning for the new school year more confusing than calculus.

PA Cyber Charter School has seen such a huge spike in enrollment, they’re already running a wait list.

CEO Bryan Hayden says that the school usually enrolls about 9,500 students a year. This fall, they’re more than 2,000 over that.

“We typically don’t event start getting serious enrollment inquires until the beginning of this month, in August and . . . this year we hit over 11,000 students at the end of July,” said Hayden.

Hayden says each of his students receives a computer and printer, at no cost to parents.

“The other thing is, we have our own PA Cyber help desk,” said Hayden. “These are PA Cyber employees, they work out of PA Cyber offices so if parents or a student has a technology question, they call a number and they get somebody who does nothing more than support PA Cyber students all dally.”

A parent must be home with the student during the school day.

Hayden adds many parents are concerned about their young children having to wear a mask during the entire school day.

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