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1THING: Pittsburgh’s Free Earth Day’s Weekly E-Newsletter Welcomes Local Journalists

Pittsburgh’s free weekly Earth Day e-newsletter, The Green Voice, will now include articles from the area’s “much-loved and highly-followed journalists.”
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Earth Day 2020

50 Years of Earth Day: How Each Of Us Can Help Make The Earth More Green

Conservation International’s Vice President of Climate Change, Shyla Raghav discusses preparation and changes now to cut emissions in half by 2030
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School garden

1Thing: Come Learn How To Make Your Local School Sustainable, Green, and Healthy!

Children are our future—and Mother Nature’s future too.
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1THING: Going Out To Eat? Check Out These Pittsburgh Sustainable Restaurants:

A list of places to check out that are “good for people, the planet, the restaurant industry, and our economy”!
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1Thing: Clean Your House Without The Plastics Waste Thanks To ‘Shark Tank’ Idea

One bottle, lifetime of cleaning supplies!
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1THING: Food, Music, and Solar Energy! Check Out Greene County Solar Festival This Weekend

Are you interested in solar energy, electric vehicles, or ways to reduce energy in your home?
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1Thing: Third Annual Pittsburgh Garbage Olympics Happening This Weekend

Prizes will be given out to the teams with the most trash collected, and the team that picks up the strangest thing!
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1Thing: Mother Earth News Fair Happening At Seven Springs This Weekend 

Learn about living a healthier, environmental-friendly lifestyle!
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1Thing: Department Stores Begin Selling Used Clothing

This may come as a surprise to many, but the fashion industry is the second most-polluting industry on the planet.
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1Thing: Learn How You Can Help Impact Environmental Policies At Local & State Level This Tuesday

State Representative Summer Lee will meet with the public to discuss the climate crisis and how the community can impact environmental policies at the local and state levels.
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