Animal Adventure Park

You Can Help Name April the Giraffe's New Baby!!

I am SUCH a fanatic of April the Giraffe from Animal Adventure Park , that I signed up for email alerts the last time she gave birth. GO AHEAD AND LAUGH, BUT I JUST GOT THE INSIDE SCOOP FROM SAID EMAIL ALERTS! lololol They ARE allowing the public to help name April's new baby!! Click HERE to help...
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ICYMI: April the Giraffe Had Her Baby!

I KNEW IT. I KNEWWWW that if I took the attitude of 'a watched pot never boils', and DID NOT watch April the Giraffe 24/7 like I did last time, that she would give birth sooner rather than later. AND IT HAPPENED! She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy at Animal Adventure Park on Saturday and I...
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April the Giraffe Live Camera is BACK!!

Another baby is on the way!!!
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April the Giraffe Is Pregnant With Calf No. 5

April the Giraffe is pregnant.. again!
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