Your Favorite McDonald's Sammies Just Got BACONFIED!

FACT: Add bacon to ANY food, it becomes INFINITELY BETTER. FACT: McDonald's get 1000 points to Gryffindor for doing this! (I know, it doesn't make sense, just go with me here) McDonald's is now giving you the option to add BACON to TWO of their classic sandwiches!! You can now order a Big Mac BACON...
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Chipotle Adding BACON to Its Topping Options!

I am surprisingly feeling very conflicted about this news. Normally I am all for adding bacon to EVERYTHING. It's like chocolate, it's always a good addition to anything, ya know? But I can't say I've ever had bacon on Mexican food??? Chipotle is trying it on for size, though! According to eater...
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bacon mac n cheese

Panera Adds BACON Mac-n-Cheese to the Menu!

Gotta be honest, Panera, this feels like more of a fall/winter add to the menu, but I certainly won't say no to it! According to , Panera Bread just added BACON MAC-N-CHEESE to their DELIVERY menu! Bacon Mac & Cheese, for a limited time only with Panera Delivery. Order now: https://t...
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