Dairy Queen


You Can Now Get 'Blizzard Flights' at Dairy Queen!!!

Dairy Queen is the PERFECT PARTNER because they're doing EVERYTHING RIGHT right now! Between all the new Blizzards and sundaes - and now THIS! You can now buy a 'Blizzard FLIGHT'! Why choose one when you can choose three? Introducing NEW DQ Mini BLIZZARD Treat Flights. The best way to try all six...
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ATTENTION CHOCOHOLICS: Dairy Queen's New Sundae is for Y-O-U!

I know, I KNOW. You're thinking, ' Dairy Queen JUST gave us the Oreo Cookie Jar Blizzard ! How much more could they spoil us?!?!' The answer is MUCH, MUCH MORE. Especially if you're a chocoholic! Dairy Queen just added ' Cupfections ' to their menu, and they're basically sundaes on steroids! The...
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Dairy Queen Blizzard

The Newest Blizzard Will Have You LIVING at Dairy Queen!!

THIS RIGHT HERE is the perrrrfect way to celebrate warmer weather!! We are all #blessed to have Dairy Queen in our lives. They've just announced their new Blizzard for the month of April, and dare I say it, IT'S PERFECT! Don't @me, because it has ALL THE COOKIES! AND WE NEED EM! It's called the...
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ice cream


Tomorrow (3/20) is about to be the BEST. DAY. EVER! First of all, it's the first day of SPRING!! BUH-BYE, WINTER! Warmer weather is OFFICIALLY upon us!! AND B., Dairy Queen AND Rita's Italian Ice are giving us FREE TREATS all day tomorrow!! It's Free Cone Day at DQ! Stop in at any participating...
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Dairy Queen Pumpkin Pie Blizzard

Pumpkin Everything Invades Dairy Queen, Too!

WELP. It's undeniable...unavoidable at this point. FALL is rearing it's UGLY head to steal my sweet, sweet summer away!! :( And I know it's official because DAIRY QUEEN just announced the return of its Pumpkin Pie Blizzard!! According to Cosmopolitan.com , it'll be back on September 3rd, and...
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