Fast Food

McDonalds Cheesy Bacon Fries

McDonald's Fries + Cheddar + Bacon > EVERYTHING!!!

Turns out my New Years Resolution to be healthier is already ruined, thanks to McDonald's! No, seriously, THANK YOU, MCDONALD'S! This is AMAZING. According to , starting in 2019, available nationwide, McDonald's will be selling CHEESY BACON FRIES!!!! Cheesy bacon fries from @...
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Chick Fil A

LIFE HACK: Your Chick-Fil-A Cup is Now a Chicken Nugget Table!

THIS ONE IS FOR MY CHICK-FIL-A LOVERS! There's a life hack floating around social media that will LITERALLY change your world. If you ever get chicken nuggets and a drink to-go, someone figured out a way to make a TABLE for your chicken nuggets in the car!!! ISN'T THAT MAGICAL?! There's a hole in...
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french fries

RED ALERT! Wendy's Offering $1 ANY SIZE FRIES!

YAAAAAAAAAS!!! If you try and stay away from fast food, you should probably go ahead and make this your cheat WEEK . Wendy's just announced that they're doing $1 ANY SIZE FRIES . That's right: ANY. SIZE. Come in now to get your fries in any size for just $1. — Wendy's (@...
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