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Dont @ Me

Don't @ Me: Maria Hates Chocolate and Mint!

Ever had an unpopular opinion?? Felt like you just DIDN'T agree with the norm?!
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pancakes and oreos

IHOP Introduces 'Oreo Oh My Goodness' Pancakes!

I truly believe that trusting children to be in charge of ALL THE MEALS would lead to a happier existence overall. CASE IN POINT: IHOP just introduced a brand new, limited-time pancake, and it was created by a 6-year-old!! I give you the ' Oreo Oh My Goodness ' pancake!!! Hey @Oreo , heard about...
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Krispy Kreme

OF COURSE You Need Green Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for St. Patty's!

AND you could win free Krispy Kreme for a YEAR!
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Pittsburgh Taco Festival is BACK for 2nd Year!!!

TACO LOVERS - REJOICE! (so, everyone!!) The Pittsburgh Taco Festival , in all it's delicious glory, is OFFICIALLY coming back for a second year!! It was such an obvious hit last year, they're doing it for us all over again! AND on a Saturday! HIGH FIVE! June 1st at Highmark Stadium , they'll have...
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Double Bread Bowl

Say 'I Love You' With This DOUBLE BREAD BOWL From Panera!!!!

WOW. If you screwed up this Valentine's Day and didn't make dinner reservations, say hello to your SAVING GRACE. Honestly, I don't know that I'd accept any other dinner plans after seeing this. The Panera Bread DOUBLE BREAD BOWL is now available NATIONWIDE! TODAY!!! Just in time to say 'I love you...
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chocolate wine

Aldi Selling CHOCOLATE WINE for Valentine's Day!

Aldi is really doing the most to make sure Valentine's Day is EXTRA special for us this year! First the heart-shaped cheeses , now this! They're selling CHOCOLATE WINE starting this Wednesday, 1/30!!! First of all, I love the bottle. So FESTIVE! Second, the flavor sounds a-maz-ing! According to...
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MAN. There are SO MANY enablers for winter bods this year!! And you can add this to the list, 100%. KITKAT DRUMSTICKS are about to be in the freezer section of your favorite grocery store! Break me off a piece of that cream cone! The chocolate shell isn’t any ordinary chocolate shell...
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conversation hearts

VALENTINE'S DAY IS CANCELED! There Won't Be Conversation Hearts This Year!

YA KNOW. You don't always WANT these for Valentine's Day, but you've come to expect them. It's tradition! Like getting Peeps on Easter! But, in disappointing news from Buzzfeed , it looks like Conversation Hearts WON'T be on shelves this Valentine's day!! It'll be the first time in 153 years they...
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Sour Patch Kids

YAAAS! Sour Patch Kids Made Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day!

If you have a Valentine's Day skeptic in your life, I've found the perfect sweet (slash sour) treat you can get them! Sour Patch Kids have debuted their OWN version of conversation hearts for VDay 2019!! In a battle of Things I Like vs. Things I Don’t Like, Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts exist...
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I gotta be honest, when I heard about these a few months back, I was pretty skeptical that they were really going to be a thing. BUT THEY DID IT. Oreo has officially released their MOST STUF OREO !!! The Most Stuf Oreo! Found at: Rite Aid — thejunkfoodaisle (@...
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