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Sour Patch Kids

YAAAS! Sour Patch Kids Made Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day!

If you have a Valentine's Day skeptic in your life, I've found the perfect sweet (slash sour) treat you can get them! Sour Patch Kids have debuted their OWN version of conversation hearts for VDay 2019!! In a battle of Things I Like vs. Things I Don’t Like, Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts exist...
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I gotta be honest, when I heard about these a few months back, I was pretty skeptical that they were really going to be a thing. BUT THEY DID IT. Oreo has officially released their MOST STUF OREO !!! The Most Stuf Oreo! Found at: Rite Aid — thejunkfoodaisle (@...
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Your Favorite McDonald's Sammies Just Got BACONFIED!

FACT: Add bacon to ANY food, it becomes INFINITELY BETTER. FACT: McDonald's get 1000 points to Gryffindor for doing this! (I know, it doesn't make sense, just go with me here) McDonald's is now giving you the option to add BACON to TWO of their classic sandwiches!! You can now order a Big Mac BACON...
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We're About to Have Nutella OVERLOAD!

HONESTLY. I don't know how ANYONE is expected to keep a New Year's resolution when Costco dangles stuff like THIS in your face! They're now selling 7 POUND TUBS OF NUTELLA! Costco Is Selling A Massive 7-Pound Tub Of Nutella — (@...
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heart-shaped cheese

All You Need Is CHEEEEESE For Valentine's Day!

OK. I know I said previously that if bae didn't get you White Cheesecake M&Ms for Valentine's Day, they didn't love you. BUT REALLY I MEANT THIS: Aldi Is Releasing Heart-Shaped Cheese for Valentine's Day, and We've Never Been More in Love with Lactose
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NEW Dark Chocolate Oreos Coming Your Way!!

I'm not, and never have been, a huge fan of dark chocolate, but I know there are people who SWEAR by it! So this one's for you! According to , Oreo is about to release a DARK CHOCOLATE OREO!! And it will be a permanent addition to the Oreo family starting on January 2nd! Just in time to...
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Sheetz Secret Menu Items

Sheetz Has A Secret Menu And It Could Be Coming To Pittsburgh!!

It's no secret that Sheetz is a NATIONAL TREASURE. Walking up to that M.T.O. screen and getting fried everything exactly how you want it is a little slice of heaven! And it looks like they're taking things up a notch! According to , Sheetz is now testing out secret menu items !!! Here'...
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Target Now Selling A Sugar Plum Icee for the Holidays!

Chances are, you've made a home at Target this holiday season (more than you already do, amiright?)! WELP, here's one more reason you need to get there! All that holiday shopping is HARD. WORK. You deserve to treat yoself! ...with Target's new SUGAR PLUM ICEE !! It’s the most --magical-- time of...
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McDonalds Cheesy Bacon Fries

McDonald's Fries + Cheddar + Bacon > EVERYTHING!!!

Turns out my New Years Resolution to be healthier is already ruined, thanks to McDonald's! No, seriously, THANK YOU, MCDONALD'S! This is AMAZING. According to , starting in 2019, available nationwide, McDonald's will be selling CHEESY BACON FRIES!!!! Cheesy bacon fries from @...
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holiday doughnuts

Get Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for $1 Next Week!!!!

It truly IS the most wonderful time of the year, because guess what's back at Krispy Kreme ?!?! The $1 Dozen Doughnuts Deal!!! YAAAAAS!! According to , the deal is next week, for ONE. DAY. ONLY! December 12th! When you buy a dozen doughnuts of your choosing, maybe a nice mix of...
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