Garth Brooks with Pittsburgh Pirates

Garth Brooks is Joining the Buccos for Spring Training This Week!!!

I have exactly ZERO idea why this is happening, but I ain't mad about it!
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Hailey Dawson

Hailey's Hand Throws Out First Pitch at Last Night's Bucco Game!

This is probably the coolest thing to happen at a Bucco game ALL. SEASON.
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Baseball snacks

Woman Catches Foul Ball In Her BEER!

This has GOT to be the coolest foul ball catch I've ever seen in the history of Major League Baseball! (Not that I've seen a lot, but this is still awesome!) A foul ball was hit at a San Diego Padres game this week, and a woman waaaaayyyyyy high up in the stands caught it - IN HER BEER!!! CLEARLY...
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