Panera Bread

Double Bread Bowl

Say 'I Love You' With This DOUBLE BREAD BOWL From Panera!!!!

WOW. If you screwed up this Valentine's Day and didn't make dinner reservations, say hello to your SAVING GRACE. Honestly, I don't know that I'd accept any other dinner plans after seeing this. The Panera Bread DOUBLE BREAD BOWL is now available NATIONWIDE! TODAY!!! Just in time to say 'I love you...
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macaroni and cheese

Panera Has Created the ULTIMATE Mac n Cheese Fork!

UM, Panera Bread is about to SERIOUSLY change the mac-n-cheese game! We already know that their mac-n-cheese is BOMB, and now they've figured out a way for us to enjoy every. last. bite! They've created a MAC-N-CHEESE UTENSIL. Cuz it can be tough deciding between a fork - that grabs the noodles...
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bacon mac n cheese

Panera Adds BACON Mac-n-Cheese to the Menu!

Gotta be honest, Panera, this feels like more of a fall/winter add to the menu, but I certainly won't say no to it! According to , Panera Bread just added BACON MAC-N-CHEESE to their DELIVERY menu! Bacon Mac & Cheese, for a limited time only with Panera Delivery. Order now: https://t...
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