Jimmy Kimmel

Parents Repeat "I Ate Your Halloween Candy" Prank on Kids for Jimmy Kimmel!

I was a little bit nervous that Jimmy Kimmel wasn't going to do his annual Halloween prank, where he has parents tell their kids 'I ate all your Halloween candy', since he made kids meet Michael Myers this year, BUT NO WORRIES. IT HAPPENED! Parents across the world told their unsuspecting kids that...
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dressed up dog

Would You Be Afraid of This Pup-Alligator?

THIS. IS. HILARIOUS. Someone dressed a pup in an alligator suit and made him chase unsuspecting bystanders lolololol I'm not gonna lie, the alligator costume is pretty convincing, so my first instinct would be to run for my life, too! But once I found out there was a pup in there? I'd probably try...
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