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Wedding Ring

Wedding Invitation Includes Option To Bring Chair And A Sandwich

There have been some really crazy wedding demands over the years, but this couple might just be on to something. A recent Reddit post of a couple's wedding invitation has gone viral after it told guests that, ‘if you do not RSVP by September 10th please bring a chair and a sandwich.’ A couple have...
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Kelsea Ballerini Loves Kelly Clarkson’s Cover Of “Miss Me More”

Did you know that Kelly Clarkson likes to sing on her talk show? Kelly likes to do a segment called 'Kellyoke', you know like karaoke, where she takes a moment to cover a song she loves. In the latest edition of 'Kellyoke', Kelly covered Kelsea Ballerini 's "Miss Me More", since Kelsea was a guest...
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Saved By The Bell

A 'Saved By The Bell' Reboot Is Officially Happening!

In this week's edition of what TV shows are left to reboot, we have the latest to be picked up.. Saved By The Bell ! NBC announced with their latest streaming service, Peacock , they will be bringing back the 90s classic show. NBC's streaming service will be called PEACOCK REBOOTING: - Saved by the...
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Sara Evans Announces “Blue Christmas Tour” Dates

Sara Evans will be spending the holiday season on the road! The singer just announced dates for “ Blue Christmas Tour ”, which will have her performing seasonal classics, like she did on her 2014 Christmas album, “At Christmas.” Announcing this year’s Blue Christmas Tour coming to a city near you...
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Dolly Parton’s Dog Saved Her Life And Prevented Her From Committing Suicide

If you know anything about me, you know that I have ALL the love in the world for my dog. I say day in and day out that my dog saved my life time and time again and it seems like I'm not the only one.. If it wasn’t for her dog, Dolly Parton may not be here today. The new book, “Dolly On Dolly:...
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Jennifer Lopez

Did Ellen Degeneres Get JLo To Admit She Is Doing The Super Bowl?!

No matter if you're a football fan or not, the Super Bowl is one of the BIGGEST nights of the year! From the commercials to the big game, it is a show all around with the biggest show of them all.. THE HALF TIME SHOW! It's always such a surprise when the announcement comes out, but this year might...
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Antonio Brown

Pittsburgh Doctor Is Suing Antonio Brown For $11,500 And Accused Him Of Repeatedly Farting In His Face

Let me start this off by saying, THIS IS NOT A JOKE . I repeat.. THIS IS NOT A JOKE . Antonio Brown has found himself in a lot of legal trouble lately, with the latest being a doctor from the Pittsburgh area to file a lawsuit against him. According to KDKA, Monroeville’s Dr. Victor Prisk has filed...
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Engagement Ring

A Woman Swallowed Her Engagement Ring In Her Sleep

We've all had WEIRD dreams, but have you ever had a dream where you ate something that you weren't supposed to? Well dreams turned into reality for one woman who swallowed her engagement ring in her sleep! While Jenna Evans was having a nightmare about being chased, she swallowed her engagement...
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Popeyes 24 karat gold champagne chicken.

Popeyes Solution To The Sold-Out Chicken Sandwich Problem: Bring Your Own Bun

If you're one of the many unhappy people who didn't get to taste a Popeyes chicken sandwich, LIKE MYSELF, you're probably pretty upset that Popeyes is STILL sold out of the sandwiches! But never fear, Popeyes has a way for you to enjoy a chicken sandwich again...you just need to provide the bun...
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Luke Combs

Luke Combs Shares New Song ‘1, 2 Many’ Featuring Brooks and Dunn!

We can't help it, we LOVE when Luke Combs gives us new music.. Even better.. when he teams up with other artists to give us new music! This time Luke teamed up with Brooks and Dunn to give us '1, 2 Many' ! As the song says, "Now that's a country song!" Luke's new album will be coming out November...
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